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The HYG-2 full hydraulic engineering exploration drilling rig is suitable to the following fields of construction, highway, bridge, water conservation and mine as well as tunnel engineering. It can be used to foundation survey hole, deep foundation pit anchor hole, foundation reinforcement hole, road and dam foundation reinforcement hole, drainage hole, open-air quarrying blast hole and the engineering exploration hole.


The HYG-2 full hydraulic engineering exploration drilling rig is made up of diesel power station, hydraulic pressure, control system, unit head and feeding system as well as wellhead clamp, etc.


1. Driven by full hydraulic pressure, the HYG-2 full hydraulic engineering exploration drilling rig is steel crawler mounted, one-piece structured drilling rig.
2. The function of the principle arm is complete. It can move upward and downward. It can swing left or right. It can also stretch out and draw back.
3. The hub-like structure ensures the mast and the mast carrier move in accordance with each other.
4. The mast is flexible to move on the mast carrier, such as sliding or swinging.
5. The unit head is driven by hydro-cylinder with the assistance of the chain multi-speed mechanism and its balance is reinforcement by the double chains.
6. The unit head is one-piece faucet structure. As for its input, it is equipped with double motors and can produce large torque at low speed. The unit head enjoys multi-functions:
(1) It can reverse the hydro-cylinder.
(2) It can make spindle maintain the state of floating.
(3) The sliding clearance can be compensated and adjusted.
(4) It can carry out the function of top drive transmission.
7. The drilling rod can carry the function of clamping and screwing off.
8. Its hydraulic pressure, electric and mud system is one-piece distributed. As a result, they can be controlled conveniently.
9. Thanks to its compact structure and light weight, the drilling rig is effortless to be transported。


Drilling Depth 150-280 m Drilling Diameter 130-250 mm
Specification of Drilling Rod Φ89×2000 mm Motor Electric Motor 37 Kw,1480 rpm
Φ73×2000 mm Diesel 75 Kw,2200 rpm
Output Torque of Unit head Spindle High Speed 0-2900 Nm Output Rotary Speed of Unit head Spindle Forward/ Reverse High Speed 0-120 rpm
Low Speed 0-5600 Nm Forward/ Reverse Low Speed 0-60 rpm
Feeding Stroke of Unit head 2800 mm Principal Arm Up to 55° Swing Left 59°
Max. Thrust Force of Unit head 50 Kn Down to 12° Swing Right 4°
Max. Feeding Force of Unit head 34 Kn Mast Swing Left 85°
Angel Scope of Mast Continuous Adjustable From Horizontal State to Vertical State Swing Right 45°
Mast Slip Travel 850 mm Dimension L ×W ×H (Operation Size) 7800×2200×5600 mm
Weight 6.8 t L ×W ×H (For Transportation) 9500×2200×1700 mm


The HYG-2 full hydraulic engineering exploration drilling rig is nude packaged.
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