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Drilling rig is a machine to drill holes in the ground. It is also known as diamond core rig in general place. It is mainly used to the on-shore or off-shore oil well, water well or the exploration of natural gas. With concern to its structure, diamond core rig can be complicated and massive. It can also be light, small enough to be controlled only by one person. Drilling rig can be ported by mobile tools such as truck or trailer. Or it can be more permanent like the marine-based oil platform.


According to different standards, the drilling rig can be divided into various categories. As for diamond core rig's power, there are mainly two types: electric and hydraulic drilling rig, of which the latter is the dominant trend. According to the method of rotation, it can be split into no-rotation, top drive and rotary table ones. Based on the position of derrick, there exist drilling rigs with vertical derrick and those with slant derrick at 45 degree angle. In addition, with concern to its drill type, drilling rig can be divided into the drill producing rock chips and the drill producing core sample.

All Drilling Rig at Huanghai in China

1. Spindle Core Drilling Rig
2. Engineering Exploration Drilling Rig
3. HDD Rig or Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
4. Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig (CBM Diamond Core Rig)
And also there are diamond core rigs for different applications, such as Tunneling, Piling, Soil Drilling, Rock Drilling, and Underground Drilling and so on.
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