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1. The HXY-4T spindle type core drilling rig is integrated with the main machine and the drill tower.
2. The rig has fast rotary speed and broad rotary range. It can produce large torque at low speed.
3. This core drilling rig is light weight for easy transport and convenient disassembly.
4. With compact structure and reasonable layout and exposed components, it is easier for maintenance and repair.
5. It is convenient for you to treat trouble with two reverse speeds.
6. With low center of gravity, the rig is reliable and stable in high speed drilling.
7. All the operation levers are concentrated, hence its operations are reliable and convenient.
8. Fitted with meters, the drilling rig can be easily control the condition inside the hole.
9. The transmission part of the drill rig and the mud pump is separated. Therefore it is easier for the location arrangement with less space occupying.

More information about HXY-4T Core Drilling Rig

Ⅰ. Application Scope

The HXY-4T core drill rig, integrated rig with tower into one unit, consists of XY-4 drill rig and mast-type drill tower, with the function of hydraulic lifting and lowering of tower. The rig is simple in structure, reasonable in design, light in weight, easy to operate; it is in a wide range adjusting angle. It is especially suitable for drilling of hole with great slope angle. The tower body of HXY-4T Drill Rig is used as lifting drill tools for drilling vertical as well as inclined holes. The range of adjusting an angel (in clock-wise direction) for drilling inclined holes is 0°-90°.

Ⅱ. Main Sizes of the

core drilling rig

The Nominal Height of Tower 10 m (32.8 feet)
The Nominal Area of Base 4×4 m (13.1×13.1 feet)
The Number of Pulleys 3 or 5 pcs
Max. Load of Mast 100 KN(22480 lbf)
The Load of Movable Work Platform 80Kg (176.4 lb)
Adjusted Angles of Drill Tower 45°-90°

Ⅲ. Main Components

The drill tower consists of base, tower body, crown block (pulley mechanism), platform and auxiliary support.

Ⅳ. Main Characteristics

The drill tower is pyramid-mast type. Being light in overall weight, single component being light and limited in disassembly quantity, the tower is convenient for transportation and installation. The tower has its own crown block convenient for ground installation. When the rig is moved back during operation, the tower can be inclined to make up the moved-back distance so as to guarantee the central line between the centers of the hole and pulley. The tower of the core drilling rig can be adjusted in clock-wise direction for drilling inclined holes. The adjustment is convenient for making and wide in adjusting range. It is suitable for drilling large-angle hole.

Ⅴ. Specifications

Drilling Depth 700—1000 m (2296-3280 feet)
Max. Torque 2.64 KN·m (1946 lbf·ft)
Spindle Stroke 600 mm (23.6 inch)
I.D of Spindle 68 mm (2.68 inch)
Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle 80 KN (17984 lbf)
Max. Pressure Force of Spindle 60 KN (13488 lbf)
Max. Hoisting Force 30 KN (6744 lbf)
Engine Power 30 KW (40HP)
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