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The FDP-40 HDD rig, horizontal directional drill rig is driven with full hydraulic system, propelled with its own crawlers. Driven with duplex zero motors, the rotator could drill with two speeds with an advanced and compact structure, adopting chain feeding system driven by motor, the motor could move stably and reliably, the mast could be adjusted for the angle of drilling holes from 8°to 22°. The overall unit is in low center of gravity and good stability with graceful structure, an auxiliary crane equipped to the horizontal directional drill rig, a comfortable operation circumstance provided for the operator.
Basing on the idea of purchasing internationally, the main matching parts and auxiliary equipments, such as diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, reducer and key hydraulic accessories are all adopted in famous brand at home and abroad.
With big torque, reasonable structure design, advanced operation way and 4.5 m (14.76 feet) length of rod, all these guarantee the horizontal directional drill rig a high efficient performance.

Specifications of FDP-40HDD Rig:

The Main Machine of FDP-40 HDD Rig
Power of Engine YC6M240 175 KW(235HP) (2200 r/min)
Max. Push capacity 400KN (89920 lbf)
Max. Pull capacity 400KN (89920 lbf)
Rated Torque of horizontal directional drill rig 15000 N·M (11055 lbf·ft)
Hollow Spindle RPM Lower 0-40r/min
High 0-80r/min
Feeding Stroke 5000 mm(197 inch)
Diameter of Guide Hole Ф170 mm(6.7 inch)
Drilling Angle 8°—20°
Pressure of hydraulic system 20Mpa(2901 psi)
Traveling speed 2 km/h(6560feet/h)
Structural Style of horizontal directional drill rig integrated with steel crawler, crane and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H) 7800×2300×2350 mm(307×90.6×92.5 inch)
Weight 16000 kg(35280 lb)
Crane 2T/m(1345 lb/feet), Max Straight-arm 4.5m(14.8 feet)
Mud Pump of FDP-40HDD Rig
Specification BWF-400
Max. Discharge 400 L/min (106 US Gallons/min)
Peak Pressure 10 Mpa(1450 psi)
Mud Process System (Optional Part) of FDP-40 HDD Rig
Data of engine 20.9PS petrol engine
Pump parameter 100 m3/h (3529 feet3/h)
Mud processing capacity 16 m3/h (565 feet3/h)
Mud Tank 5M3(176feet3)
Weight of horizontal directional drill rig 500kg(1103 lb)
Drilling Tools and Auxiliary System of FDP-40 HDD Rig
Specification of Rod Ф89×4500 mm(Ф3.5×177 inch)
Guide Bit Ф170 mm (6.7 inch)
Reamer of horizontal directional drill rig Ф400,Ф500,Ф600,Ф720,Ф830,Ф900mm (Ф15.7,Ф19.7,Ф23.6,Ф28.3,Ф32.7,Ф35.4 inch)
Distributor 60T (132300 lb)
Tracker Optional Part
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