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Feeding (traveling)
Rated feeding / pulling capacity 990T
Max. feeding / pulling capacity 1045T
Feeding / pulling system rack and pinion
Traveling driven by ten gears, 4 shifts stepless adjustable 36 m/min 1st shift: 36 m/min
18 m/min 2nd shift: 18 m/min
17 m/min 3rd shift: 17 m/min
8.5 m/min 4th shift: 8.5 m/min
Rotation of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Rotating system gear transmission, stepless adjustable
I shift torque 190000Nm @50r/min
II shift torque 95000Nm @100r/min
Power of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Manufacturer Volvo, Sweden
Ratings 394×4 kw/2100r/min
Running state Feeding / pulling and rotating could achieve the max, performance parameters above.
Power for main machine Ratings 145KW/2100r/min could be chosen by client's demand.
Hydraulic system Close type system for feeding, pulling and rotating, open type load-sensing system for auxiliary circuit.
Chassis of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
1. Platform type, with hydraulic cylinders
2. On crawlers with traveling speed 1.5Km/h.
Crane of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
6T straight arm crane
Drill rod of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
The length of drill rod should be within 10.5 meter.
Shackles of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Adjustable distance, accurate and reliable screwing-off, automatic centering
max. screwing on torque 210000Nm
max. Screwing off torque 420000Nm
Drilling angle 8°~ 16°
Accessory of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Pressure, flow rate, rotating speed etc. could be seen in operation cabin for easier analysis while drilling.
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