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The FDP-32 is a full hydraulic directional drill rig self-propelled with rubber crawler belts, with advanced and compact structure, and with high efficiency, low oil temperature. All main hydraulic components are selected and adopted from famous-brand products as auxiliary equipments. With movable mast, the trenchless directional drilling rig FDP-32 is guaranteed to drill within the full angle scope and this hydraulic directional drill rig is in good stability with graceful structure.


The Main Machine of Trenchless Directional Drilling Rig FDP-32
Power of Engine Deutz 145KW(195HP)
Max. Push capacity 320KN (71936 lbf)
Max. Pull capacity 320KN (71936 lbf)
Rated Torque 13000 N·M(9581 lbf·ft)
Hollow Spindle RPM Lower 0-48r/min
High 0-96r/min
Feeding Stroke 3300 mm(130 inch)
Diameter of Guide Hole Ф130 mm(5.12 inch)
Drilling Angle 0°—20°
Pressure of hydraulic system 20Mpa(2901 psi)
Traveling speed 2-2.6 km/h (6560-8528 feet/h)
Structural Style integrated with rubber crawler and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H) 5820×2250×2400 mm(229×89×94.5 inch)
Weight 8400 kg(18522 lb)
Mud Pump of Trenchless Directional Drilling Rig FDP-32
Specification BW-320
Max. Discharge 320 L/min(85US Gallons/min)
Peak Pressure 10 MPa(1450 psi)
Mud Process System of Trenchless Directional Drilling Rig FDP-32
Data of engine 4KW(5.4HP) petrol engine
Pump parameter 30 m3/h (1059 feet3/h)
Mud processing capacity 6 m3/h (212 feet3/h)
Mud Tank 2M3 (71 feet3/h)
Drilling Tools and Auxiliary System of Trenchless Directional Drilling Rig FDP-32
Specification of Rod Ф73×3000 mm(Ф2.87×118 inch)
Guide Bit Ф130 mm(5.12 inch)
Reamer Ф325,Ф400,Ф500,Ф600,Ф720,Ф830 (Ф12.8,Ф15.7,Ф19.7,Ф23.6,Ф28.3,Ф32.7 inch)
Distributor 40T(88200 lb)
Tracker Optional Part
Hydraulic anchoring and auto loading system optional part
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