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The FDP-20 is a full hydraulic horizontal directional drilling rig self-propelled with rubber crawler belts, integrated with power station and main power. It is convenient for moving and powerful of flexibility. Equipped with Cummins diesel engine, the self-propelled drilling rig is powerful with stable property. Adopting double-motor driven to the power head, the rotation will be steady with large torque. The power head equips with self-float shackle device to reduce the wearing of screw thread of the drilling rod, and then the operation will be easy and stable. All hydraulic hoses are covered into the protecting jacket to increase the service life. Convenient angle-adjusting cylinder, flexible adjusting of incidence drilling angle, adopting motor-chain mechanism to the feeding pull-back, the same thrust power and pulling capacity, effect the direction controlling at a long distance easily. Double-holder makes the rod loading and unloading efficient. The FDP-20 rig is with the advantages of full hydraulic driven, centralization control, easy and nimble to operate.


The Main Machine of Self-Propelled Drilling Rig
Power of Engine Cummins 110KW@2200rpm
No. of Engine Cylinder 6
Max. Push capacity 200KN
Max. Pull capacity 200KN
Rated Torque 6000 N·M
Hollow Spindle RPM Lower 0-70r/min
High 0-140r/min
Feeding Stroke 3500 mm
Diameter of Guide Hole Ф89 mm
Drilling Angle 8°—18°
Pressure of hydraulic system 20Mpa
Traveling speed 1.6 km/h
Structural Style integrated with rubber crawler and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H) 5900×2100×2000 mm
Weight 6500 kg
Mud Pump of the Self-Propelled Drilling Rig
Specification BW-160A
Max. Discharge 160 L/min
Peak Pressure 10 Mpa
Mud Process System
Mud Tank 1.5M3
Drilling Tools and Auxiliary System
Specification of Rod Ф60×3000 mm
Guide Bit Ф89 mm
Reamer Ф179,Ф259,Ф313,Ф365,Ф417mm
Distributor 30T
Hydraulic anchor Optional Part
Automatic loading device for drilling rod Optional Part
Tracker Optional Part
Hydraulic anchoring and auto loading system optional part
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