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HCX-23 Derrick

HCX-23 Derrick


1. The derrick is well-structured with its story height of 1.7m. Its single piece is light. It is convenient to install in short time.
2. It has large load capacity. It can be used to the 1800m vertical drilling and 1600m inclined drilling.
3. The HCX-23 derrick is adaptable. And its steel pedestal can be applied to various vertical drilling rigs from 1500m-2400m.
4. It covers less and thus its cost of excavation and ground-leveling is low. It is suitable for the mountain area.


Nominal Height of Drilling Tower 23m
Max. Static Load of Crown Block 320 Kn
Length of Stand 4×4.5 or 6×3
Inclined Angle 75-90°
Nominal Area of Pedestal 7.32m ×5.572m
Number of Crown Block 3
Max. Load of Hanging Cage 0.8 Kn
Weight 7500kg
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