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Spindle core drill rig makes use of rotary action of drill bit to cut and crush rocks. It is particularly suitable for engineering geological investigation for construction of railways, bridges, hydro-power stations and dam foundations. Core drilling machine is also used for drilling small grout and blasting hole, small water well, etc. Besides, this drill rig can be applied in geological core drilling and geophysical survey as well.


1. Spindle core drill rig is installed with hydraulic feeding mechanism to increase work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers.
2. With down hole pressure gauge, it is convenient to examine the down hole condition.
3. The control handles of core drilling machine are arranged for the convenience of operation.
4. Spindle core drill rig has features of compact structure, small size, easy dismantlement and light weight. It is fairly suitable for operation in plain areas as well as mountainous areas.
5. It is equipped with a clamp-up device and drill rod which can be changed without stopping drill rig. Thus, reliable and safe operation can be achieved.

Technical Specifications

1. Parameters of Spindle Core Drill Rig

Item Value
Diameter of Borehole (mm) mm 75, 91, 110, 130, 150
Drill Depth (m) 150, 100, 70, 50, 30
Diameter of Drill Rod (mm) 51
Inclination Angle of Borehole (°) 90°-75°
Overall Size (L W × H) (mm) 1750 × 780 × 1275
Weigh (Without Power Unit) (kg) 595

2. Rotator of Core Drilling Machine

Item Value
Spindle Rotation (Four Gears) (R/min.) 71, 142, 310, 620
Spindle Stroke (mm) 450
Spindle Max. Upward Speed (Without Load) (m/s) 0.05
Spindle Max. Downward Speed (Without Load) (m/s) m 0.067
Spindle Max. Feeding Pressure (Kn) 15
Spindle Max. Lifting Force (Kn) 25
Spindle Max. Output Torque (Kn·m) 1.25

3. Winch of Spindle Core Drill Rig

Item Value
Max. Lift Capacity (Kn) 15
Rotation of Drum (R/min.) r 19, 38, 84, 168
Drum Winding Speed (Two Layers) (m/s) 0.166, 0.331, 0.733, 1.465
Drum Diameter (mm) 140
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) 9.3
Steel Wire (m) 35
Brake Diameter (mm) 252
Brake Band Width (mm) 50

4.Water Pump of Spindle Core Drill Rig

Item Value
Type Horizontal, Single-Cylinder, Double-Acting
Max. Displacement (L/min.) 95 (77)
Max. Permissible Pressure (MPa) 1.2
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.7
Number of Strokes (times/min.) 120 (96)
Diameter of Cylinder (mm) 80
Piston Stroke (mm) 100

5.Oil Pump of Core Drilling Machine

Item Value
Type Gear Pump
Model 1APF8.OL05P07
Rated Pressure (MPa) 10
Flow Rate (ml/r) 8
Rated Rotation (R/min.) 1965

6.Power Unit of Spindle Core Drill Rig

Item Value
Model ZS1105
Power (Kw) 13.2
Rated Rotation (R/min.) 2200
Electrical Motor
Model Y160M-4
Rated Power (Kw) 11
Rated Rotation (R/min.) 1460
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7.General Diagram of Spindle Core Drill Rig

Item Name Q’ty Description Remarks
1-1-0 Base 1 Assembly Not Shown in Diagram
1-2-0 Frame 1 Assembly
1-3-0 Hydraulic System 1 Assembly
1-4-0 Rotator 1 Assembly
1-5-0 Gearbox 1 Assembly
1-6-0 Winch 1 Assembly
1-7-0 Speed Reducer 1 Assembly
1-8-0 Water Pump 1 Assembly
1-9-0 Tensioning Wheel 1 Assembly
1-10-0 Power Unit (Diesel Engine) 1 Assembly
1-11-0 Power Unit (Electrical Motor) 1 Assembly Optional
1-12-0 Swivel 1 Assembly Not Shown in Diagram
1-13-0 Drilling Rod 1 Assembly Not Shown in Diagram
1-14-0 Drill Tools 1 Assembly Not Shown in Diagram
1-15-0 Tools 1 Assembly Not Shown in Diagram

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