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The FDP-28 crawler directional drilling rig (crawler HDD) is driven with full hydraulic system, propelled with its own crawlers. The rig has a reasonable structure with easy operation and high efficiency. And the rig could get on and off standard trailer on its own and it is quick and convenient for transportation and allocation. With low center of gravity, the rig is durable and reliable and in good stability with graceful structure.


The Main Machine of Crawler Directional Drilling Rig FDP-28
Power of Engine of the Crawler HDD 132KW(177HP)@2200r/min
Max. Push capacity 280KN (62944 lbf)
Max. Pull capacity 280KN (62944 lbf)
Crawler HDD Rated Torque 10000 N·M(7370 lbf·ft)
Hollow Spindle RPM Lower 0-56r/min
High 0-112r/min
Crawler HDD Feeding Stroke 3300 mm(130 inch)
Diameter of Guide Hole Ф130 mm(5.12 inch)
Crawler HDD Drilling Angle 0°—20°
Pressure of hydraulic system 20Mpa(2901 psi)
Traveling speed 2-2.6 km/h(6560-8528 feet/h)
Structural Style integrated with rubber crawler and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H) 5700×2100×2000 mm(225×83×79 inch)
Crawler HDD Weight 8200 kg(18080 lb)
Mud Pump of Crawler Directional Drilling Rig FDP-28
Specification BW-250
Max. Discharge 250 L/min(66US Gallons/min)
Crawler HDD Peak Pressure 10 Mpa(1450 psi)
Mud Process System of Crawler Directional Drilling Rig FDP-28
Data of engine 4KW(5.4HP) petrol engine
Pump parameter KGP30, 30 M3/h (1059 feet3/h)
Mud processing capacity 6 M3/h (212 feet3/h)
Mud Tank 2M3 (71 feet3/h)
Drilling Tools and Auxiliary System of Crawler Directional Drilling Rig FDP-28
Specification of Rod Ф73×3000 mm(Ф2.87×118 inch)
Guide Bit Ф130 mm(5.12 inch)
Crawler HDD Reamer Ф325,Ф400,Ф500,Ф600,Ф720mm (Ф12.8,Ф15.7,Ф19.7,Ф23.6,Ф28.3 inch)
Distributor 40T(88200 lb)
Tracker Optional Part
Hydraulic anchoring and auto loading system optional part
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