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Drill Rod

Drill rod is a tube or tube-like tools with its end threaded. It is part of the drill string which consists of drilling bit, drill collar, specialized sub and kelly. It is used for rock drill and dowels. Specifically, it is used to connect the drill bit and deliver the power to it. The drill rod enters into the drilling hole together with the drill bit. The drilling rod can transmit the drill mud to the drill bit, too. It is widely used in the exploration and extraction of oil. It can be used repetitively.
As for its material, it made of carbon steel at particular steel grade. The materials should enjoy high strength, toughness, hardness and reliability to ensure the long-term and safe use of drill rod. Usually the materials should be manufactured by CNC (computer numerical control) and is heat treated.
There are numerous types of drill rod, such as diamond, wire-line drill rod, external threaded and internal threaded drill rod and left-hand threaded, right-hand threaded drill rod as well as kelly.