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Developed on the basis of HYDX series rigs, HCR-8 truck-mounted core drill rig is an up-to-date and thoroughly new-typed drilling rig. This hydraulic core drilling rig is an ideal core drilling machine due to reasonable design, compact structure, excellent performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and so on. Therefore, this machine can be used to different construction sites, such as plains, hills, high temperature as well as low temperature places.


1. The full hydraulic driving system of the rotary drilling rig is mounted on heavy-duty truck.
2. This truck-mounted core drill rig adopts mechanical 3-gear speed regulation as well as hydraulic stepless speed regulation.
3. The oil cylinder is working with a feed-in multiple-speed chain, thus, its feed-in and lifting performances are stable and reliable.
4. With the mast being erected and lowered with oil cylinder, it is foldable and has moving and ground-supporting functions.
5. The mast is adjustable in the range from 0° to 90° to ensure a proper hole-drilling angle. The low gravity center of the rig promises a steady operation. And the control panel provides the operators with a convenient and comfortable working circumstance and a wide view.

Technical Parameters of HCR-8 Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

Truck Chassis Model SX2254JR465
Type 6


Power 276 KW
Power Unit of Drill Rig Power 276 kW at 2100 r/min
Drilling Capacity
NQ 3000m(9840 feet)
HQ 2400 m(7870 feet)
PQ 1700 m(5570 feet)
Drill Head RPM of Spindle Three Shifts/Stepless Change Three 0-1250 RPM
Max. Torque of Spindle 7200 N·m (5307 lbf·ft) at 170 rpm
1300 N·m (958 lbf·ft) at 1250 rpm
Spindle Diameter 121 mm (4.76 inch)
Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle 295 kN (66316 lbf)
Max. Feeding Power 152 kN (34170 lbf)
Capacity of Main Hoist Hoisting force (single wire) 180kN
Steel Wire Diameter 26 mm
Steel Wire Length 50 m (164 feet)
Capacity of Wireline Hoist Hoisting Force (single wire) 15 kN (3372 lbf) (bare drum)
Steel Wire Diameter 6.3 mm (0.25 inch)
Steel Wire Length 2800 m (9184 feet)
Mast Effective Hoisting Height 9.6 m (31.5 feet)
Mast Adjusting Angle 0°-90°
Drilling Angle 45º off horizontal to 90ºvertical down
Feeding Stroke 4700 mm (185 inch)
Slippage Stroke 1100 mm (43 inch)
Foot Clamp Clamping Scope 55.5-117.5 mm (2.19-4.63 inch) through hole Ф154mm (6.06 inch)
Mud Pump Type Reciprocating Pump Triplex Plunger
Model BW400
Max Displacement 400 L/min (105.63 US Gallons/min)
Max. Pressure 10 Mpa (1450 psi)
Others Weight 25000 Kg (55125 lb)
Transport Dimensions (L × W ×H ) 8300 × 2400 × 3500 mm (326.8 × 94.5 × 137.8 inch)
Huanghai Machinery is the professional supplier of most geological survey equipment, such as different types of drilling rig, drilling rod, drilling derricks and so on. Recently, we can supply our customers with a new type of truck-mounted core drill rig. More than 40 years experience our drilling equipment has obtained CE certificate. In addition, related pre-sale service and after-sale service can be guarantee in response to the need of our customers. For example, these dilling rigs can be sent to you by DHL if necessary!
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